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Qidi X-Plus

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Current price £549.00

The ultimate 3D Printer for Hobbyists. We think this printer is on-par with a Prusa Mk3S, one of the most popular printers around, and here's why.

Both printers can come pre-assembled and hit a similar price point. Both come with their own slicers. Both have excellent build quality.

For a very similar price point, the Qidi X-Plus offers three key differentiators.

  1. The range of printable filaments without any modding required.

  2. Dual Extrusion, meaning easier hot swapping between different filaments.

  3. Excellent user support for the printer (And we do mean excellent, Qidi support is fantastic).

The Qidi can print slightly faster by standard, and can print pretty much any material you can throw at it.

Be that flexibles, Carbon fibre, Nylon or even exotic filaments like wood!

It's true that the Prusa is more flexible, if you want to mod it, most users don't though. This is why we think the Qidi X-Plus, which comes by standard with everything you'd want to mod the Prusa Mk3S to have, is better.

It's a highly capable, cost effective machine offering a lot of bang for your buck. 


Here's the tech specs.

Machine Size 560(L)*450(W)*420(H)mm
Print Size 270*200*200mm
Print Accuracy 0.05-0.2mm
Print Speed 30-150mm/s
Extruder Temp 300℃
Extruder Quantity Existing extruder + Additional extruder
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Support Material Carbon fiber, Nylon, PETG, TPU, PC, ABS, PLA...
Compatibility Windows 64 bit/Mac
Power 350W
Voltage 110-220V
Connection Software QidiPrint/Cura/Simplify 3D
N.W. 30KG
Connection Options WIFI/LAN/USB Pen Drive