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3DT BioPro Filament 1.75mm 1kg

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We love Bio-Sourced filaments here at The3dStore, that's why we're delighted to offer BioPro.

British designed, and manufactured PETG+PLA Blend which is sourced from a mixture of recycled materials and sustainably sourced ingredients.

BioPro prints similar to PLA, yet brings all the benefits of other materials.

  • It's more temperature resistant than PETG.
  • As corrosion resistant as ABS.
  • Less brittle than PLA.
  • Better surface print quality than PLA, PETG and ABS.
  • Locally sourced Bio-Based materials, with a commitment to zero waste.
  • Includes 3DT filament waste return & recycle scheme.

This innovative filament beats ABS, PLA and PETG and has become our go-to filament to use.

Buy Better, Buy British really holds up here.


Check out our Tech Spec below

3DTomorrow PLA 3D Filament

Material: PLA/PETG Blend

Printing Temperature Range: 220°C-230°C

Bed Temperature: Try 70°C for glass, 55°C for PEI flexible beds.

Width: 1.75mm

Suitable Printers: Artillery, Ender 3 types, Prusa types, QidiTech but not most Ultimakers. Suitable on all printers sold on The3dStore.

Weight: 1kg per Spool

Tolerance: ±0.02mm

Colour: Wide variety