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Geeetech Mizar S

Original price £335.99 - Original price £335.99
Original price
£335.99 - £335.99
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By far our favourite printer by Geeetech, the Mizar S features Geeetechs excellent build quality, with a whole host of new features that take the pain out of 3D printing.

With the World's first dual-levelling system, this machine auto-levels itself without you needing to do anything, it can be assembled in less than 5 minutes, and the standard settings are more than enough to produce excellent results.

Featuring a spacious 255mm x 255mm x 260mm build volume, you can this will handle most prints you may desire.

It's truly silent, reaching around 55Db at the loudest, comparable to a quiet office, so you can print without it disturbing you.

The build plate is completely removable, which is extremely handy for ensuring your prints stick when you want them to, and remove easily afterwards.

The Mizar S is one of our favourite printers on the market right now, offering a lot of really useful features for a low price.

This is definitely one big step forward in easy 3D printing.

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