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Geeetech A10M

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The Geeetech A10M is a powerful improvement upon the A10. 

So why the M? You guessed it, multi-extrusion. This powerful little printer has 2 extruders mounted on the frame and can feed them both into the nozzle simultaneously.

This is the cheapest 3D Printer on the market that can offer Multi-Colour Prints.

The result, multi-colour printing done properly. The benefit of this method over other swapping extruder methods or swapping filaments is threefold.

  1. It can be programmed and left unattended to perform the printing.
  2. You can blend colours together, giving the ability to do proper fades.
  3. Clean transitions to new colours.

It comes with two minor drawbacks. Firstly, your chance of stringing may increase, which might mean you need to do a little more tuning. Secondly, using the blending features requires using an external software produced by Geeetech, or their slicer.

This printer however, takes the title of the cheapest 3D printer on the market, that can give you multi-colour printing.

Check out the gecko for a little taster of what it can do!