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Geeetech A10 Pro

Original price £159.99 - Original price £159.99
Original price
£159.99 - £159.99
Current price £159.99

The Geeetech A10 Pro is a reliable and cost effective budget 3D printer.

Improving upon the Geeetech A10, it hosts a bigger build volume and improves on some of the electronics issues they previously had.

This is a direct competitor to the Ender 3.

On paper they are about even, however it's worth noting here that with a budget range 3D printer like this, you'll likely have one of two experiences. Either it'll work flawlessly from the box and you never touch it, and it never breaks. Or it works for the first few prints and then you have to get fixing.

If this happens, don't worry we're here to support you.

We prefer this printer to the Ender 3 Version 2, because they've done more troubleshooting and eliminated a lot of the problems that people often encounter.

The extra build volume too, makes this more useful for larger scale models.

In essence, this printer hosts the bare minimum you need in a printer to be able to produce good quality parts most of the time.