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Artillery TPU 1.75mm 1kg

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Artillery is our premium filament provider, with a huge range of great filaments to pick from with reliable quality.

TPU is the go-to filament for flexible prints. It can produce amazing prints, and comes in very handy!

Check out our TPU guides for more advice!

This filament is for more experienced inventors!

Check out our Tech Spec below

Artillery TPU 3D Filament

Material: TPU

Printing Temperature Range: 210 °C - 230 °C

Width: 1.75mm

Suitable Printers: Artillery, Ender 3 types, Prusa types, QidiTech but not most Ultimakers. Suitable on all printers sold on The3dStore.

It works best on direct drive printers, such as any of the Qidi or Prusa Printers.

Weight: 1kg per Spool

Tolerance: ±0.02mm

Colour: Wide variety 

Pre-Print Hacks: Heat your filament at around 65°C for 8-16 hours.