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Artillery PETG 1.75mm 1kg

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Artillery is a premium brand of filament, with a wide range of patterns, we love this brand for it's range of products with high tolerance.

This filament is perfect for stronger products which might be in slightly higher temperatures than PLA would. It's tougher and stronger than PLA too.
We find people love vases from this because of the transparency. 
Back during Covid, we printed NHS Facemasks using PETG as this can survive an autoclave.

Best to put masking tape down if you have a glass bed. 
For more info, check out our blogs.

Check out our Tech Spec below

Artillery PETG 3D Filament
Material: PETG
Printing Temperature Range: 230°C-240°C
Width: 1.75mm
Suitable Printers: Artillery, Ender 3 types, Prusa types, QidiTech but not most Ultimakers. Suitable on all printers sold on The3dStore, with minor modifications.
Weight: 1kg per Spool
Tolerance: ±0.02mm
Colour: Wide Variety