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Tune your 3D Printer

Tune your 3D Printer

So you've just got a 3D printer or had one for a while, but want superior printing.

There are a few simple steps you can take, to tune your printer, allowing you to achieve superior print quality.

We'll talk you through step by step how to achieve a perfectly tuned printer.

 Step 1: Calibrating your extruder

Well tuned extruders are vital to having even layers and reliable prints. If you are experiencing thin whisps (called stringing) on your print, or the sides of your prints aren't evenly smooth, it's most likely your extruder steps (number of micro-rotations per mm).

Not to worry, this is easy to fix! Just follow our video below or our steps.

  1. Cut the filament flush with whatever fitting you have.
  2. Using whatever interface you use to control your printer extrude 100mm/10cm of filament.
  3. Your firmware may have a safety temperature preventing cold extrusion. If this is the case you will have to bring your hotend up to temp in order to extrude filament.
  4. Cut the filament and repeat this procedure two more times.
  5. Measure the three pieces of filament.
  6. Get an average (add the three measurements and divide by 300).
  7. If your average is not close to 100 you need to change your extruder steps per mm. Take the current steps per mm and divide it by (your average/100).
  8. Repeat until you are happy.
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