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What's New in 3D Printing: TCT360 2022

What's New in 3D Printing: TCT360 2022

Following from Covid, this TCT gave the opportunity for many companies to showcase their developments from over Covid, fuelled by a record high set of sales for industrial and consumer 3D printing products.

What's new with 3D Printing?

In the FDM space, otherwise known as conventional 3D printing, we saw a few interesting new developments. Let's explore some of the new market entries we can expect to see.

Prusa Control

Is this just an OctoPrint rip-off? Or does it have new value?

The answer to this is yes, and yes. Whilst not built on OctoPrint, which is an open source software allowing you to remotely deploy from anywhere to your printer.

Essentially it takes the core features of OctoPrint, the ability to remotely upload your sliced gcode to the printer, and monitor different sets of information about it.

There are a few key differences, firstly OctoPrint securely works in your own wifi network by standard, Prusa Control works over the internet by standard.

Secondly, OctoPrint controls by talking to your printer via a Raspberry Pi 4, Prusa Control uses a Zero W1 or 2 and downloads the file to your printer rather than sending it continuous instructions. The result is marginal improvement in performance and better ability to deal with your wifi slowing down.

Thirdly is managing multiple printers. Whilst there are a few plugins for OctoPrint, Prusa Control allows much easier control of multiple printers.

Overall, the whole system is sleek and works well, including lots of API connections meaning coders can make apps that work with it. But, it's mainly compliant currently with Prusa Printers Only. It really is horses for courses.

New Filaments

New filaments are always great. This year we saw a few small improvements to filaments including Eolas Ingeo range. This range of PLA is similar to engineering grade PLA, print as normal, then heat in a oven for 10-15 mins after printing, it crystalizes the plastic and leaves it 2-3 times stronger than comparatively printed PETG parts.

Another new kid on the block is 3DTomorrow, a British Filament provider with a gorgeous range of marble colours.


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